Create Your Own
Video Sales Funnel in a Weekend


I can't wait to show you just how easy it is to launch a client-ready sales funnel!

Even If you don't have clients,
or a niche or an offer YET, you don't want to miss this workshop.

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Sat Feb 18th at noon EST.

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You missed out!

Join this 2 day workshop and learn (as you go) how to snap together an easy to manage video sales funnel you can use to promote free offers, or sell your products and services … even if you're a technophobe!

Learn how to tame sales funnel technology and drive sales. No previous tech experience required.

Learning how to create or manage a successful video sales funnel can be frustrating and confusing. Understanding the terminology, let alone the technology itself, can often be nothing short of overwhelming.

Even 'easy to use', done-for-you platforms don't really explain how to actually get customers or avoid loosing your shirt on advertising platforms like Facebook or GoogleAds.

And there's nothing more aggravating than not knowing why your fancy sales funnel doesn't work as it should.

If you've spent days, even weeks building your online business but the sales just are there, you're not alone. if you feel like you've failed yourself, maybe even your family, keep reading.

Or maybe you're stuck at the starting line, not knowing how to take the first step, afraid to put yourself out there and  then fall on your face. Don't despair.

The truth is that without a clear vision of what your online business should look like and the tools to snap it together successfully, it's not likely your dream e-business will become a reality.

Trial error can be painstaking slow and expensive. And even a high powered, done-for-you platform can fail you if you don't know how to plan for success.

But imagine for a moment, you had an easy way to design and deploy your online business in less than a day.

Imagine, if you were given all the tools you needed, as well as an easy formula to test the profitability of your online business before you open the digital doors.

Here’s are just few of our Google Reviews

If you're wondering whether this really is for you take a look at what other have to about my training and tools.

Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Duncan was able to both keep me on track and allow me time to reflect while mastering the technical aspects of website design and business marketing. I was referred to Duncan and Moss Media Solutions by a colleague and have no regrets at all. Duncan is technically strong and offers great service and delivery!


Duncan and his team were invaluable to the creation of my web platform. Professional, trustworthy and hard working are how I'd describe my experiences working with Duncan thus far. Looking forward to working with Moss Media Solutions in the future as well.

Paul Wegener

Epitome Pharmaceuticals

Duncan Moss gets it done! He took over our website managment, got the basic site up and running and then trained me to edit it myself using WordPress, which is about as simple as can be. All this came in under budget, and the results look good. I recommend him and his team, and by the way, he is as kind and accomadating as can be.

About The Workshop Trainer, Duncan Moss

He has been helping entreprenuers and small business onwers develop and market their businesses online for more than 15 years. He has created a number of onlne training programs designed to help his clients reach their online busines goals.

Don’t wait! Look at what others have said about our training programs.

Carrie Redpath

River Run Campground

I only recommend the best!

Duncan is a reliable, reputable resource for anyone wanting to build, rescue, or add e-commerce to their website.
He has helped me restructure my website with great ideas and technical ease. I promise; I only recommend the best!

Maureen Farmer

CEO - Westgate Executive cAochinh

I cannot imagine trusting any other company with my marketing needs.

As the president and owner of a global boutique career services business, I was devastated when my firm's website was hacked last year. My sales pipeline suddenly vanished and my years of hard work disappeared. I was so grateful to discover Moss Media Solutions who re-invented my website to a world-class standard and re-positioned my business squarely in my target market.

His wealth of knowledge is incredible

Duncan provided such insightful advice and guidance to me, and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to create their business online. From technology, e-commerce, web design, safety/protecting your site, and more - his wealth of knowledge is incredible.

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