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Sat Feb 18th at noon EST.

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You missed out!

This Video Sales Funnel Workshop is the Real Deal!

It's time to roll up your sleeves and build a client-ready sales funnel that you can use to promote your business and generate revenue!

If you haven't signed up for the VIP PASS, there's still time. 

Over the course of this 2 day workshop you'll learn (as you go).  And you'll see just how easy it is to snap together a video sales funnel you can use to promote free offers, or sell your products and services … even if you're a technophobe!

The Weekend Sale Funnel Workshop, is a live, step by step training using proven tools and techniques designed to fast track you efforts.

Additionally, you'll get a chance to  ask questions and connect with other participants.

At the end of each the fist day, you'll have roughed in a workings sales funnel, online product page, connected you payment process and email autoresponder along with a host of other things you need to run a successful online business.

At the end of the second day you'll have recorded and uploaded 2 videos designed to improve engagement and your online authority.


Learn to apply a simple 3 step framework that will give you the clarity you need to know exactly what to next to launch and grow your online business.


Say goodbye to fuzz thinking. Discover exactly what you need to do and when as we draft your online business blueprint together.

Realistic Goals

Once you've completed the Fast Track startup step you'll have your own customized Action Plan with realistic goals you can use to measure success. and move forward.

A Path for Success

Imagine waking up each day knowing exactly what needs to be done to grow your online business and having a working sales funnel to build on.

Here's what’s in the Workshop


Day One

We'll dive right into a quick review of free and paid sales funnel platforms. Using one of the easiest and also free funnel builders, we'll setup an account, a basic sales pages, and then connect it to a payment provider and email auto-responder.

Using templates and sample products we'll populate the funnel with text and graphics to complete the funnel structure and content, while getting accustomed to powerful but easy to use page editor.


Day Two

We'll start with a funnel link testing and then jump right into the scripting and a recording of two sales videos, using a very simple but effective video production method that requires, virtually no editing. Script templates and graphics will be provided to make this process a real breeze.

After we upload the videos and add them to the funnel, we'll do a final test to make sure it's ready to roll!

We'l close with  review of additional resources you can use to improve overall marketing and online revenue generation.

About The Workshop Trainer, Duncan Moss

He has been helping entreprenuers and small business owners develop and market their businesses online for more than 15 years. He has created a number of onlne training programs designed to participants gain control of their brand online and increase revenue.

Here's are just few of our Google Reviews

Carrie Redpath

River Run Campground

I only recommend the best!

Duncan is a reliable, reputable resource for anyone wanting to build, rescue, or add e-commerce to their website.
He has helped me restructure my website with great ideas and technical ease. I promise; I only recommend the best!

Maureen Farmer

CEO - Westgate Executive cAochinh

I cannot imagine trusting any other company with my marketing needs.

As the president and owner of a global boutique career services business, I was devastated when my firm's website was hacked last year. My sales pipeline suddenly vanished and my years of hard work disappeared. I was so grateful to discover Moss Media Solutions who re-invented my website to a world-class standard and re-positioned my business squarely in my target market.

His wealth of knowledge is incredible

Duncan provided such insightful advice and guidance to me, and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to create their business online. From technology, e-commerce, web design, safety/protecting your site, and more - his wealth of knowledge is incredible.

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