just ran a series of very interesting Facebook advertising tests and the results should be of interest to anyone who advertises online or employs social media marketing.

Here are the results of the test.

2. Create simple but eye catching images that are well designed
3. Make sure your messaging is clear to all target users
4. Use relevant products or objects instead of people
5. Avoid text but small or discrete logos can work
6. Test everything before you invest long term

Here’s what the folks at SketchDeck had to say,

“Facebook Ads are a predictable and scalable way to find new customers and followers. You can start with just a few dollars a day and any brand can create one. The ads just require a call to action, an image and some text. It seems so simple!

Looks can be deceiving. After setting up 48 individual ads for this test I’ve learned that they can be extremely complex. For a newcomer to the Facebook Ads platform, it can be daunting to ensure your money is being spent in the right place and on the highest-performing ad concepts….

First we confirmed how much design can impact an ad. It is the core of a Facebook Ad and the first thing prospective customers see. But it is so often relegated to a secondary status.”

To read the entire article click here.


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